Just wanted everybody to know what the AA is up to. I cancelled my subscription and then discovered that they had taken £10 from my account without authorisation. (and my yearly direct debit for £85 was cancelled at the bank also). I never heard a more ridiculous story.

When I queried this, they told me that they took the £10 to keep my account open which would also entitle me to call them out at any point. This would then cost me an additional £80 call out charge.

A disgusting, sneaky daylight robbery. This was truly theft.


Health Risks from mobile phones
This is a recent article on the net. Read all of it and and be prepared to be shocked about using your mobile phone. I certainly was:

In spite of the dithering by the Ministry of Health and the delaying tactics of the phone operating companies, it is now becoming clear that the mobile phone is a virulent pathogen with damaging effects that we are only vaguely aware of. Recently it was scientifically proved that there is a connection between certain types of tumour and the intensive use of a mobile phone. Most in evidence are cases of acoustic neurinoma, a tumour that develops on the acoustic nerve, as well as malignant brain tumours. According to this study ……

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AA taking money sneakily from my account

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Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems in the world. The United States alone, which constitutes for approximately 5 percent of the world population, produces 25 percent of the total carbon dioxide in the world. This and other such air pollution facts show how serious the issue is. Among the leading causes of air pollution, human transportation is by far the most serious cause. Millions of vehicles dump tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every single day. Other than these vehicles, industrial plants - which release various harmful gases by burning fossil fuels, have a major share when it comes to air pollution. It may come as a surprise for many, but agricultural activities, such as burning of natural vegetation for clearing land and use of pesticides, also contribute to this form of pollution to a significant extent.

Causes of Air Pollution(Recent post)

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